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BotenRedWolf It oozes the feels. That's something that's not easy. Favorite track: Where Do Tears Go.
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maxfreak I stumbled upon Kristofferson by accidentally clicking around SoundCloud and I'm glad I did. This entire album is sublime and something truly authentic. I have had it on replay since it released. <3 Favorite track: Eternity In A Moment.


released August 13, 2017

All songs written and produced by Kristofferson.

Vocals for "Sunset" and "Overgrown" written and performed by Little Shadows.

Vocals for "A Thousand Moons" and "Begin Again" written by Kristofferson and performed by Telepathics.

Cover art by Sarah Savery.


Shoutout to Duumu, Yitaku, Jameson Hodge, Meishi Smile, Lonemoon, Casey LaLonde, and Brett Blackman for encouraging and supporting me along the way.

Thanks to Maryn and Matt for lending me their voices and making these songs special.

Thank you to my Patreon family for being with me as I created this album, supporting it as it all came together slowly but surely.

And thank you to Lalaine, for being my light.


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Kristofferson Honolulu, Hawaii

Electronic music producer from Hawaii.

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Track Name: Sunset (feat. Little Shadows)
I’m down on my luck
Sulking down the street from where I stay
You came up to me, made a face, walked away
But I took that as everything would be okay

So lets steal your dad's car
And drive down to the lake
I’ll hold your hair in my hands
The same thing we did yesterday

So believe me
When I say
That watching you is like watching a sunset on replay

And to me you're like a movie
Colors on a big screen
I’ll sit back and watch you for hours

And to me you're a blanket on my chest
Keeping me safe from the sun
Or the cold of December
Your’e the flowers in may
And the stars we sit under, now

I don’t ever wanna let this go
I don’t ever wanna let this go
And I’m never gonna let you go
Track Name: A Thousand Moons (feat. Telepathics)
Reflect the distant past
And trace the way she carried her
Your bones will hide its knotted path
Your pining whims be barriers
The moon may howl my name
To take me far away

Send my mind out to the sea
And send my body down the river
Feed my sins to a thousand moons
Bid they watch me as I shiver

Evanescent echoes from the distant future
Dormant seeds of tomorrow’s harvest
Dip our cracked hands into the trembling heavens
Bless our tired bones with its somber lullaby
Track Name: Overgrown (feat. Little Shadows)
The cold only made it worse
It’s so dark on this plane
The last time you saw me I turned away with a wave
You stood frozen with a smile on your face
I’ll hold your place
Why couldn’t we stay that way

I’ll still think of you when it gets dark
And there’s no one else around
And I thought that I would forget all I did
When we said goodbye for now

And I’ll lie awake where you used to sleep
It’s sad, but without you I’ve gone crazy
And the worst part is what we said
Before I never saw you again
Track Name: Begin Again (feat. Telepathics)
My heart
Torn into two
In the dead of night
You sewed it together like new

My angel
My moon
Pushing and pulling on me
Bringing me back to you

I’ll wait for you
Till the stars fall from my eyes
An echo of our last goodbye

You’ll carry me home
And bathe me in the river
To cleanse my soul