by Kristofferson

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released August 16, 2015

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All songs written and produced by Singto Conley.

"Butterflies In Both Our Stomachs" remix by Yitaku

"Lucid Dreams" remix by B. L. Hav



all rights reserved


Kristofferson Honolulu, Hawaii

Electronic music producer from Hawaii.

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Track Name: lucid dreams
chasing a transient memory
through the creases of my tomes and palms
i’ll find you in limbic limbo
building pretty crowns of my petty qualms

brush the petals from my eyes
so i can see o’er the daybreak
hang my negatives up to dry
before the morning when we wake
Track Name: butterflies in both our stomachs
there is a breath always misplaced
shies away when i’m with you
there is a place where you belong
and i could belong there too
Track Name: heal
whisper precious words
into my dirt filled veins
kiss my aching eyelids
to stop the wayward rain

adorn me in flowers
that grow from your skin
forget how i cowered
forgive my past sins

seal my woes
and nurse my scars
i am the moon
you are the stars
Track Name: answered prayers
evanescent echoes from the distant future
dormant seeds of tomorrow’s harvest
dip our cracked hands into the trembling heavens
bless our tired bones with its somber lullaby
Track Name: bæn
our souls sewn together
in a throw blanket’s stitching
our bodies return to stardust

wash my salty eyes
with seawater from my thighs
oh, your crowning touch

seal the moonlit curtains
and softly lick my wounds
i forgive this cruel world
because it brought me you
Track Name: cataract
there is an emptiness in me
ready to burst
i don’t recognize the person standing before me
but if i reach out and touch them
the mirror might crack again

who am i

Track Name: promise
a change of heart distances our ambitions
clipping the wings of our faith
i’ll pry open your false frailties
over the little things you hate

in your eyes there was a sign
in your voice there was a pause
kills me to say that i’m not in control
kills me to know that i never was
Track Name: shatter
i carved our names into the constellations above us
blissfully ignorant of the path turned crimson in our wake
walking with you for eons, i selfishly stole their luminance
as our carnal nights kindled, my puddles became a lake

i desperately washed my wounded feet
with the cataracts that flowed from my blind spots
but you refused to wait, abandoning me in my iron sea
as my cries fell on the deaf ears of a frozen cosmos

all the light in the universe couldn’t help my broken eyes
see that we were star-crossed from the start
i want to stand tall and pretend nothing is broken
but i’m balancing on the shards of my fragile glass heart
Track Name: garden of memories
had i known one day you would no longer water the garden we made together
i would have taken care not to sow my most precious seeds into the deceivingly rich soil

but i was blinded by the beautiful harvest
and i let the roots grow into me until my fragile skull became filled with petals and leaves
how was i to know you'd cut me with your cold shears
how was i to know you'd been sharpening them for years

the soil in my hands becomes arid
the crown you adorned me with has withered
the harvest has long since rotted
the smell makes me shiver
Track Name: bæn (solace & repose mix) [bonus track]
nurse my scars
we’ll heal with time
love is patient
everything will be fine
Track Name: parallels [bonus track]
reflect the distant past
and trace the way she carried her
your bones will hide its knotted paths
your pining whims be barriers

may the supple newfound land
embrace your aching seams
pick up the dripping pieces
reawaken the lost dreams
Track Name: snow warmth [bonus track]
the daybreak arrives
bathing the world in life
shed salt from my feathers
that gathered in the night

in stained glass skies
our hearts will reside
dry your teary eyes
and come back inside